Performance Media

How beautiful it is

Turn of the Screw


with Molly Wood, piano

Movement III

Cinq Calmes Plats
Georges Aperghis

Sonntag den 19 Juli 1920

Kafka Fragments (with Mark Berger, violin)
György Kurtág

Szene am Bahnhof

Kafka Fragments (with Mark Berger, violin)
György Kurtág


Between Worlds (with Heinrich Christensen, piano)
J. Funkhouser


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Scene from Guerilla Opera's production of "Loose, Wet, Perforated" - September 2011

I play the role of Perforated

“Desire: Where it leads us” 

Collaborative arts recital, Boston May 2015

Christina Wright-Ivanova, piano

This clip presents the second half of a scene which intermingles text from Jeans Racine’s play Phèdre in the original French as well as English translation with Osvaldo Golijov’s Lua Descolorida and selections from Georges Aperghis’ Cinq Calmes Plats.  It is an exploration of Phaedra’s mental state as she deals with the overwhelming power of desire.


"This is my letter to the world" recital with guitarist David McLellan (2012/2013)

"Signal" from the song cycle Confiding by David Leisner

"Cap Malheureux" - Todd Tarantino

Premiere performance - October 7, 2012

with ALEA III Ensemble, Boston